The Mediterranean by bike

The Mediterranean by bike

What is the Mediterranean by bike?

The Mediterranean by bike is the French part of EuroVelo 8, a cycling route that crosses eleven European countries from southern Spain to Cyprus and is part of the EuroVelo European cycling network.

In France, La Méditerranée by bike covers 850 km from Perthus to Menton, some parts of which have already been completed.

The itinerary offers a diversity of remarkable landscapes: mountains of the Pyrenees or the Alps, ponds of the Narbonnaise, Languedoc or Camargue Gardoise, canals of the Midi or Rhône in Sète, Provencal hinterland and beaches of the Languedoc, Roussillon and Côte d'Azur. The route joins the Canal des Deux-Mers by bicycle on the Canal du Midi, and the ViaRhôna between Sète and Beaucaire.


Which section is relevant to the hotel?

The hotel being located on Agde it is therefore located in the itinerary:

  • Beziers - Monaco

How to reach the hotel from the bike itinerary?

Arrived at Agde at the level of the bridge that crosses the Hérault.

Cross this road and turn right towards Place Jean Jaurès / Cathédrale Saint-Étienne.

The hotel entrance is at the end of the impasse on the Jean Jaurès square.

See the map.

Geolocation: 2 Place Jean Jaurès, 34300 Agde, France[Latitude : 43.314007 | Longitude : 3.46979]

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