The 2 Seas Canal by bike

The Canal des 2 mers by bike

What is the 2 Seas Canal by bike?

The Canal des Deux Mers by bicycle is an exceptional route linking the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. Over nearly 800 km, cycle along the Gironde Estuary, the Garonne Canal and the Canal du Midi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and discover unforgettable sites and landscapes.

It is divided into 3 sections:

  • From Royan to Bordeaux by bike through the Gironde estuary
  • From Bordeaux to Toulouse by bike via the Canal de Garonne
  • From Toulouse to the Mediterranean via the Canal du Midi by bike

Which section is relevant to the hotel?

The hotel being located on Agde it is therefore located in the itinerary:

  • From Toulouse to the Mediterranean via the Canal du Midi by bike
    • The Canal du Midi by bike from Somail to Sète
    • The Canal du Midi by bike: Béziers / Agde
    • The Canal du Midi by bike: Agde / Sète

How to reach the hotel from the bike itinerary?

It is very simple once you reach the round lock of Agde the itinerary will take you in the direction of the historical centre of Agde.

After a few minutes you will arrive at the level of the bridge that crosses the Hérault.

Cross this road and turn right towards Place Jean Jaurès / Cathédrale Saint-Étienne.

The hotel entrance is at the end of the impasse on the Jean Jaurès square.

Geolocation: 2 Place Jean Jaurès, 34300 Agde, France[Latitude : 43.314007 | Longitude : 3.46979]

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