If you spend your holidays in Agde, you will enjoy visiting the sunny beaches and the large conch.   With its pleasant rooms, the Yseria, your cheap hotel will make your stay in Agde unforgettable. The large conch holds an excellent place among the most beautiful sites of Cap d'Agde: a small black sand beach, a creek dug by the sea in the volcanic cliff, and the Deux Frères rocks.

Organising your stay in Agde

Enjoy the sun and the sea in an idyllic setting

The site of the large conch enchants young and old: its black beach at the edge of the Mediterranean, the cliff shaped by volcanic eruptions, its rocks and the Fort de Brescou are simply amazing. The cliff is 20 meters high, and cane be accessed by a staircase. At the top, you will have a breathtaking view of the entire beach; basalt rocks that reveal solidified lava flows and yellow and brown tuffs. The landscape, shared between black basalt and tuff, highlights a view filled with a natural harmony; the gaze is easily lost in the blue immensity.

Spend an unforgettable stay in Agde

The Cap d'Agde is definitely the ideal place for swimmers, people who enjoy good views and sport lovers: you will always find a beach adapted to each activity.   The nudist beach for example is a special place: it offers a family section over 2 kilometres, then a sexy and free-thinking atmosphere a little further. You can also visit the beach of Roquille, a very surprising place with a fine black sand that gives the impression of being on another planet.


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